A Show Me is a screen movie which demonstrates an aspect of the product in question.


The Show Me links open in new windows/tabs.
You will need to have the Flash player, freely available from Adobe, to view these movies.


Metamorphosis Show Me
Creating e-learning courses with Metamorphosis is based on a simple four-step procedure.

Metamorphosis version 5 has arrived:

Preview of Metamorphosis 5

Preview of Metamorphosis 8


Note that the following Show Me files are of Metamorphosis version 4. The Show Me files will be updated for version 8 in due course.


Overview (10 minutes)


1. Settings

Changing themes

Modifying the background

Choosing display template

Changing the display font

Automatically generating graphics

Modifying interface buttons

Modifying interactivity settings

Automatically generating learning activities

Modifying assessment settings

Modifying construction settings

Managing user results and progress

Modifying internationalization settings


2. Import

Importing a document for a linear course

Importing documents for a menu based course

Importing a glossary


3. Edit

Creating new questions

Using the drawing tools

Adding, deleting and moving screens

Copying and pasting screens and screen objects

Adding or modifying graphics

Applying Ken Burns (animation) effects

Recording voice narration

Adding multimedia

Creating hyperlinks to other screens or URLs

Creating submenus

Creating remediation

Previewing a screen

Creating and using content libraries


4. Publish

Publishing for any platform where results are not tracked

Publishing for any platform using email tracking

Publishing for a standalone or LAN based database environment

Publishing for a web based database tracking environment

Publishing for a SCORM compliant LMS (Learning Management System)


Comet Show Me
A learning management system for Metamorphosis.


Publishing a Metamorphosis lesson for Comet

Attaching a lesson

Creating a course

Adding a user

Enrolling a user into a course

Adding users from a text file

Enrolling group members into a course

Using PLAC to allow trainee self registration and enrolments

Using Comet reports

Ecommerce functionality (Paypal Integration)



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