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In a market dominated by the "big players" how refreshing to find a company that not only has an innovative, technologically advanced program, but one that firmly believes in customer care of the highest level. I would recommend Metamorphosis to anyone!

Tom Steele
Soft Learn Interactive Ltd.
Web: www.softlearninteractive.co.uk


I just wanted to drop you a brief note to tell you what "Metamorphosis" has done and will continue to do for our organization.

My name is Corey Floyd and I am the training services coordinator for two major medical facilities in South Carolina. We have approximately 2,000 employees that are actively employed and require ongoing professional development training to maintain and update licensures and certifications.

With so many employees in training and technology as advanced as it is today, "Metamorphosis" has allowed us to move into E-learning (Internet learning) at a much faster pace than anticipated. We use the software to create learning modules where employees can access it from any computer within the organization. Most importantly, the software creates its own database with the click of a button, which in turn cuts down on staffing costs for our staff educators.

If there is one thing that you have to appreciate, it's the cost effectiveness of the software. When compared to the cost of many E-learning programs available for purchase, it's a one time price per license, not per user (employee.) Overall, the program has been successful within our organization to teach Emergency Preparedness and we are developing new courses now for all staff to experience and learn.

I've never seen the personal attention to clients that I've experienced with www.Pacific Multimedia.com as our issues have been resolved within 24 hours of reporting them. It's been a pleasure working with the developers of "Metamorphosis" and it's only the beginning for us.

Corey D. Floyd
Training Services Coordinator
Educational Services Department
Sisters of Charity Providence Hospitals
Web: www.providencehospitals.com


Cape School is an insurance and real estate school that offers online courses. We are extremely grateful for all of your work in developing the Metamorphosis program. We have used other programs to create our courses, and have developed some delivery methods ourselves, but nothing compares to using Metamorphosis. In the past, inputting the text into the course would take weeks. Metamorphosis makes that available in minutes.

We have also been impressed with the attractive and professional way that the course is displayed to the student. The look and feel of the course itself rivals anything we have seen anywhere.

Pacific Multimedia's tech support has been truly first rate.

Thanks again for all that you do and keep up the good work.

Keith Tellinghuisen
Course Developer
CAPE School, Inc.
Web: www.capeschool.com


I am pleased to offer WebRaven's experience with the Metamorphosis e-learning authoring system. Our extensive work with clients implementing the DOTS Learning Management System has given us insight into many content authoring tools as well as custom content options.

Our work with clients often commences at the learning strategy phase and the relationship is ongoing. One of the key and consistent areas of concern for our clients is content. Our first exposure to Metamorphosis convinced us of its power for ease of use and terrific output quality.

We now have several DOTS clients using Metamorphosis and the feedback is remarkable. One of our clients in the banking industry has developed an enormous competency based training catalogue for DOTS in a very short period of time. Metamorphosis enables another client to tap into its knowledge capital to distribute and communicate effectively to its employees.

I look forward to our continuing association with Metamorphosis.

Brian Clark
Managing Director
WebRaven Pty Ltd
Web: www.webraven.com


As a content developer, Metamorphosis allows me to focus on exactly that; developing engaging, interactive, e-learning content. The program's ability to import and format text content, and output completed projects in a variety of e-learning formats saves me time and the client money. It is very easy to use, stable and comes with a suite of options allowing anyone to develop high quality e-learning programs. I highly recommend Metamorphosis to any organisation thinking of introducing flexibile learning to their staff as a 'must-have' tool.

Danny Simms
DGroup Consulting
Web: www.dgroupconsulting.net


Impact provides training and consultancy to health and social care workers in the UK. Whilst we don't believe that traditional face-to-face training will ever disappear completely, we are acutely aware that local authorities and independent providers are increasingly looking for different ways to educate and motivate their staff. We have used Metamorphosis to create bespoke e-learning courses on a wide range of topics. E-learning works particularly well for knowledge based subjects such as legislation. We have been able to utilize the vast library of training resources (handouts, quizzes, case studies etc) and turn them quickly and easily into e-learning courses which can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to traditional training sessions.

David Thornicroft
Impact Training
Web: www.impact-training.co.uk


You do a great job answering my questions and giving me the support I need. Your product is continually getting better so I thank you for your hard work and research to make this a terrific program.

Michelle Collins
American Woodmark
not authorised to speak on behalf of company – only as an individual user
Web: www.americanwoodmark.com


Metamorphosis is the most flexible way I have ever seen for getting intelligently pre-edited Word documents very slickly into a good looking and easy on the eye on-line learning format. The ability of metamorphosis to then allow manipulation of the content to turn it into an attractive and interactive e-learning module is outstanding.

Jon Warner
Worldwide Centre for Organisational Development Ltd
Web: www.od-center.org


My experience in dealing with the people at Pacific Multimedia METAMORPHOSIS was indeed pleasurable, the sales & marketing staff where excellent, and provided my excellent on line training.

The quality of the product was far superior to others I had sampled, and it was great value, I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Metamorphosis to anyone wanting to provide an online training resource.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Dr Bill Pomfret, MSc FIOSH RSP
Founder & President.
Safety Projects International Inc
Dr. Bill Pomfret & Associates
Worldwide Centre for Organisational Development Ltd
Email: pomfretb@spi5star.com
Web: www.spi5star.com


It has been great using Metamorphosis to develop eLearning here at Stryker. We have been able to use it across a number of divisions and it has been easy to train new users in its application. It has also been great working with the development team who constantly strive to add more features to this already excellent program.

Di Broadfoot
Stryker South Pacific
Web: www.stryker.com/au


We have been using Pacific Multimedia Metamorphosis for about a year now. It certainly makes product training to our regional areas much easier, whilst reducing my travel time to those areas. Pacific Multimedia Metamorphosis is very user friendly and the areas that we can apply this is quite endless.

Certainly a worthwhile investment and not a large outlay either.

Steve Jeffs
National Quality & Training Manager
Korvest Ltd
Web: www.korvest.com.au


Although we are new users of Metamorphosis, we are already impressed by its ease of use and effectiveness. We look forward to using it to add new dimensions to our e-learning materials.

Sharon Luhr
Principal Academic Director
Australian Pacific College/Southern Cross High School SCHS
Web: www.apc.edu.au


For anyone looking for an easy to use, automated e-learning Authoring system, I would recommend Pacific Multimedia’s Metamorphosis. The ease of use when creating learning modules was great!

The finished product has been well received by users.

David A Canham
Administration Manager
Senses Foundation Inc.
Web: www.senses.asn.au


Metamorphosis has been a great tool for us to rapidly convert existing content into great, interactive eLearning modules!! We have been especially pleased with the regular upgrades of new functionality, expanded question types, and enhanced powerpoint conversion!!! We've had several projects in which the ability to respond rapidly has made all the difference, thanks to Metamorphosis. Thanks Pacific Multimedia!!

Anne Valenzuela-smith
ReadytoManage Inc.
Web: www.readytomanage.com


Developing E Learning packages is quick and easy with the user friendly metamorphosis program and the Pacific Multimedia customer support service, thank you.

Dot Hughes
Web: gsahs.health.nsw.gov.au


Metamorphosis is easy to use and produces colourful eye catching e-learning training courses.

Agostinho De Jesus
Web: www.wandsworth.gov.uk


When I extol the features of Metamorphosis to my colleagues or to organizations that need a quick elearnng design tool, they ask me, "How does it compare to other tools?" My answer is that Metamorphosis is in a class of its own. It doesn’t require any 'add-on' programs, it has a fast learning curve, and its design features allow even a rookie to create an interactive online course! For anyone who has content already written, it’s the fastest tool I know of for creating a learner-centered elearning course. True, it always beneficial to know the principles of instructional design, but Metamorphosis diminishes the need for the expertise. In other words, subject matter experts (SMEs) could design a course instantly to at least convey critical information and knowledge to learners. Users with expertise in instructional design will also love this tool, because it allows them to create a course in which the learning objectives can easily be aligned to learner activities and assessments. The other reason I prefer Metamorphosis is that it is constantly being improved and the features expanded. I get excited with each new update... using games, puzzles, etc. for example. For anyone who wants a fast but appropriate solution for transforming existing content (including images) into an elearning format, I recommend Metamorphosis because it's what I use, even to create commercially sold courses!

Dr. Andrea Edmundson, CPLP
Global Learning Strategist
eWorld Learning, Inc.
Web: www.eWorldLearning.com


I love Metamorphosis, it allows me to be creative, and within just a couple of days I can create great learning and assessment material which interests my learners.
In my department we often have to advise hundreds of staff about new procedures, and with Metamorphosis I can rapidly convert the formal documents into interesting information modules, complete with short assessments and a database to show management how many staff have understood the new rules. Its great.

Dawn Jacobs
Workforce Development Consultant
WA Country Health Service
Web: www.wacountry.health.wa.gov.au


Since we have been using Metamorphosis, we have been able to provide training via interactive CD to our remote learners. Metamorphosis is fun to use, easy to understand, and graphically appealing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is starting out in providing e-learning opportunities.

Helen Iles
Training and Development Officer
FESA Training Centre
Web: www.fesa.wa.gov.au


Even though we are very new users to Metamorphosis we are finding the package easy to work with and are very happy with the features it offers. We are looking forward to converting areas of our breitling replica sale to on line learning packages now that we can see how easy it is to develop a package.

Deborah Handyside
Recruitment & Development Officer
Shire of Mundaring
Web: www.mundaring.wa.gov.au


We found Pacific Multimedia Metamorphosis: The Automated e-learning Authoring System great value for money. We got good technical support on the way.

Jay Kulkarni
HRD Coordinator
Rockdale City Council
Web: www.rockdale.nsw.gov.au


Very simple and very effective authoring tool. It took minimal time to get up to speed, whilst the pre-set templates and ease of publishing means we can very quickly turn classroom material into online content.

John Wansbone
Learning & Development Manager, Australia New Zealand
Web: www.aecom.com




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