APIXEL Comet is an efficient learning management system (LMS) designed to provide new functionality for users of Metamorphosis. Comet allows course administrators to take advantage of LMS functionality to streamline enrolment and grouping of users/learners/students/trainees, the tracking and reporting of user progress and performance as well as user access to learning content. Comet reduces administration and provides simplicity and ease of use not found in many LMS systems for a fraction of the price.

Please note that Comet is currently not SCORM compliant.

Its a (classic) ASP-based system. That is, it runs on any web server that supports ASP.

It "sits" on top of a collection of MS Access database files with which it manages trainers, users and content.

Comet has collections called courses which consists of one or more lessons (Metamorphosis ASP-published courses) and zero or more resources (PDF files, external links...). A course must have at least one lesson or resource.

Following is a typical procedure for breitling replica sale Metamorphosis courses into Comet:

  1. With Metamorphosis, ASP-publish or LMS Comet-publish a course (this will be a Comet lesson)
  2. Where necessary, rename the published 'content' folder to, for example, lesson_1
  3. Upload "lesson_1" to Comet's lesson folder
  4. In Comet, create a new user
  5. Attach the uploaded lesson
  6. Create a new course in Comet
  7. Enrol your user in the course
  8. Notify the user to run http://path/comet/start.asp (Note, Comet can be configured to email users when they are enrolled in a new course).

If you find that you are creating many Metamorphosis courses and/or that you have such a large number of users that managing them is becoming a tedious task, or that you require significantly more detailed tracking than is available through Metamorphosis alone then Comet is an LMS you should consider.

Minimum System Requirements

Comet may not function correctly with lower specifications than those listed below (our testing criteria did not extend lower) but attempting to do so is neither recommended nor supported:

  • A web server capable of running ASP 3.0 (classic ASP) pages with JavaScript/JScript as the scripting language (for example MS Internet Information Services - IIS)
  • Jet or ACE OLE DB Provider and ADO drivers for Microsoft Access 2000+ database
  • 1024 x 768 pixel display (at 96 DPI)
  • Content developed with Pacific Multimedia Metamorphosis
  • Read/Write permissions to some of Comet's folders


We've taken screen captures of many of the screens within Comet and put those screens into a gallery. The gallery will open in a new window/tab:

View a gallery of screen captures of Comet.


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