Metamorphosis 8 - New features

Version 8 of Metamorphosis includes the following enhancements:

  1. You can now provide the ability for trainees to engage with your content by adding Facebook comments.

  2. Lessons can now be published as mobile apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices so your trainees can download apps directly or via the Apple Appstore or Google PlayStore.

  3. Lessons can now be published for local content/remote tracking which means that even lessons distributed via CD ROM can record results directly to your remote database.

  4. You can now easily create branching throughout your lesson in three distinct ways: administrator determined branching, performance-based branching, and user selection branching.

  5. A new search word facility allows user to navigate directly to screens of your lesson which have been tagged by the lesson designer.

  6. A new Magnifier feature allows your users to selectively view magnified details in images.

  7. You are now able to apply multiple Ken Burns effects to your images or text.

  8. You can now set the number of question attempts a user can have for both embedded and assessment only questions.



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