Pacific Multimedia offers new digital services supporting workplace learning.

Pacific Multimedia has been the go-to elearning partner for literally hundreds of corporates and government departments in Australia and beyond for over two decades.

While initially the company exclusively developed custom elearning modules of a bespoke nature for corporate clients, we released the Metamorphosis automated elearning system in 2003, making elearning affordable for thousands of smaller businesses who previously were not able to afford to build in-house courseware.

Today, Pacific Multimedia, returning to its roots, offer a raft of custom built elearning solutions for discerning clients.

Some of these solutions are as follows:

·         Classic interactive elearning

·         System simulation

·         Interactive video elearning

·         Mobile learning bytes

·         Interactive PDFs

·         Integrated social media

·         Curated content

·         Gamefication

·         360 Video/ Virtual Reality

·         Repurposing existing content

Commitment to affordable fixed price projects

Since beginning custom elearning development in 1993, Pacific Multimedia has been committed to the concept of affordable fixed price projects.  Our clients do not receive cost revisions during or at the end of projects.  Bottom line – no nasty surprises!


Classic interactive elearning

We are in the business of creating engaging interactive elearning.  If your team are engaged in the learning process their far more likely to be able to both retain and apply that learning.  Our instructional design methodology is soundly based on cognitive learning theory.


System simulation

It's not always possible or desirable to allow training on an actual live system.  By simulating the system, learners can learn from mistakes, gain confidence and become role-ready through a guided learning experience.  


Interactive video elearning

One of the initiatives that we have taken with our customers is to take advantage of the existing talent pool within their organisations to create engaging video based interviews and role plays.  By seamlessly integrating video with conventional elearning programming approaches, a full video based learning environment can be established at a fraction of the cost of typical video projects and with minimal bandwidth.  Using internal team members in videos is not only less expensive than using professional actors, it can also be very engaging for end users who have a personal relationship with the individual.


Mobile learning bytes

We can provide truly responsive design for digital learning.  This means that learners can access training modules on any device and any time with a dynamically customised optimum display for that device.  By offering short snappy learning bytes, learners can take advantage of this flexible learning environment even when they have very little time on their hands.



Interactive PDFs

Interactive PDFs are a great alternative to paper based training. Users can complete interactive forms and save the end product to their own PCs for future reference.  As well as interactive content, these PDFs can contain stunning images, video and audio files to further engage the learner.


Integrated Social Media

Traditional elearning tutorials have often been criticised for essentially being electronic page turning.  This can be avoided by integrating collaborative environments within the context of the learning.  Sometimes it makes sense to embed yammer or facebook feeds within elearning pages so learners can benefit from the views and experience of their colleagues.



Curated Content

There are times where it just doesn’t make sense to re-invent the wheel.  The web, in all its forms, is full of excellent learning resources but sifting through the dross can be difficult and time consuming.  We can set up online interactive curricular based on links to existing content including video clips, interactive courses, pdfs and other internet resources.

Repurposing existing content

Most organisations have a plethora of existing content and resources that can be re-purposed into dynamic courseware.  We are able to take your current or obsolete manuals, paper based training documents, corporate videos and brochures and breathe new life into them by reusing elements of them in new learning assets.




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Formerly APIXEL Metamorphosis, Pacific Multimedia has now branded Metamorphosis under the Pacific Multimedia banner.

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Just released: Metamorphosis 8 - Automatically create apps and distribute them through the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore!


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